First things first... what

First things first... what age will your child be playing this year? Not sure?  No worries, click the link (located below) "2016-17 Player Age Group Chart". It's changed from years past with the newly mandated US Soccer Age Chart.  Pretty simple - it's the year they where born.  We no longer use "Under" in the age group (Under 10, Under 11 and so on), it's based on Birth Year.

Next - Since our scheduled Try Outs are over we need to get you in touch with the right coach so you can schedule a private session. Click on the "Competitive Coaching Staff" link below to find the coach that corresponds to your players age group (birth year).  Shoot them an email and they'll contact you directly to set up a time and place for the try out.

If you have any general questions that are not answered on the website, shoot us an email and we'll help you through the process.

Link - 2016-17 Player Age Group Chart

Link -  Competitive Coaching Staff

Link- Contact Us






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