"Isn’t this youth soccer?",  "You mean there are rules?", "Why?".  Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and from time to time players, coaches, parents and even referees have a moment of weakness and succumb to behavior that is less than acceptable.  With that in mind OSC has adopted the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) Code of Ethics.  These are rules that we expect all to abide by while engaged in soccer activities at Canal Park and also while representing OSC on the road at away games. OSC has also created our own ZERO TOLERANCE policy that we take very seriously.  We believe that it’s our responsibility to make sure that everyone attending our functions and programs feel safe and comfortable.  By following these simply, common sense rules everyone will enjoy the overall experience and have a great time at the park.  Whether you are a player, coach, parent or referee, we thank you in advance for being a positive role model and wish you the best this season. 

Please take a moment and read both the FYSA Code of Ethics and the OSC Zero Tolerance Policy links locted on the left side menu.

Thank You - The Oldsmar Soccer Club






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