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Looking for someone?  You’ve come to the right place, that is of course if they’re with OSC.  We have added some helpful links on the left that will hopefully get you in touch with the person and/or organization that you need.  If you’re still lost and need some answers, contact us at and we’ll point you in the right direction.  Also, you're always welcome to attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings. Dates and times are posted on the calendar.  Meeting minutes are available upon request for current members of OYSA.

OSC Board of Directors


President Dan Greisgraber Email
Commissioner of Recreational OPEN Email
Chief Financial Officer Amy Blecher Email
Secretary Cindy Thompson Email
Volunteer Coordinator Kirstin Cady Email
Concession Stand Coordinator Angie D'Amico Email
Sponsorship / Fundraising Coordinator Lori Campagna Email
Director At Large OPEN Email
Director At Large John Simpson Email

Administrative Staff and Trainers

General Manager / Director of Operations John Linse Email
Director of Coaches Joe Quattrocki Email
Registrar Kristi Linse Email
Referee Liasion / Assignor Dave Peterson Email
Goalkeeper Trainer Katie Reichert Email

Mailing Address

Oldsmar Youth Soccer Association
PO Box 346
Oldsmar FL 34677





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