Canal Park Field Evacuation Procedures

  • When lightning is detected within 6-10 miles of Canal Park ALL participants and family members will be advised to leave the fields either by electronic warning device or verbally.
  • Quickly collect essential belongings (kids included) and proceed to your vehicle.
  • If your child is at the fields but you are not they will be taken inside the concession stand or the appropriate restroom until the all clear is sounded.
  • We will wait 30 minutes FROM THE LAST LIGHTNING STRIKE before activities will be allowed to resume.
  • If this happens during practice, the practice may be canceled if the wait time will be beyond the end time of the scheduled practice.
  • If this happens during a sanctioned match it will be up to the referees, coaches and facility management when to wait it out or cancel the match.
  • Once the all clear is sounded please quickly return to the fields so practice/matches can resume.






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